Yard Goat Driving Services

Yard Goat Driving Benefits


Using a Yard Goat Driver from EXE, you’ll have a safer work yard.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Because Yard Goats increase overall safety inusrance costs are reduced.

Increased Productivity

With less climbing in and out of rigs and no need to get in and out multiple times to connect a trailer, productivity increases.

Increased Receiving Capacity

Because of the speed and efficiency of moving empty trailers, your receiving dock can receive more shipments in less time.

Yard Goat Driving Services FAQs

What is a Yard Goat?

A Yard Goat is a semi-tractor that moves trailers and containers within a cargo yard, warehouse facility, or intermodal facility.

A yard truck is built to accommodate a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel allowing the operator to move and lower the trailers without exiting the cab or the need to crank any landing gear. A yard goat can normally move three units in the same amount of time that a standard tractor would move one unit.

What is a Yard Goat Driver?

An EXE Yard Goat Driver is extensively trained not only to operate the Yard Goat, but also for safety around the receiving yard. With a 360 degree view inside the Yard Goat, the Driver has a full view of their surroundings and makes the receiving yard more efficient.

Why not just let a rig move the trailer?

Having a rig move the trailer takes about 3 times as long as it does to have a Yard Goat move the trailer.

How much profit are you losing?

Quickly find out how much profit you are losing by not working with EXE Logistics. Our average customer adds 15 – 35 % to their bottom line.