Why Choose EXE Logistics Solutions for Container Unloading Services?

Sep 21, 2023 | Container Unloading

Why Choose EXE Logistics Solutions for Your Container Unloading Services?

In the world of logistics and freight management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the name of the game. Whether you’re dealing with truckloads, shipping containers, or railcars, the unloading process can make or break your supply chain operations. That’s where third-party container unloading services come into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore why you should consider using a lumper service, and more importantly, why EXE Logistics Solutions should be your go-to choice for container unloading services.


What Does a Lumper Service Do?

First, let’s clarify what a lumper service does. When a company has a truck or shipping container to unload, they often turn to a freight unloading service for assistance. The rationale behind this decision is rooted in several factors the cost associated with unloading, the physical challenges involved, and the speed at which the task can be completed.

Lumper services are responsible for taking the boxes stacked inside a 40-foot shipping container, sorting them in front of the container, and palletizing them. The complexity of this work, as well as the number of different SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) being unloaded, can significantly impact the cost of the service. Essentially, the more complex the task, the higher the price.

Cost Considerations for Container Unloading

The cost of using a lumper service can vary depending on several factors. To provide a clearer picture, let’s consider an example. Unloading a single 40-foot container with just two SKUs may cost around $130 per container, as of the time of writing this article. However, when the number of SKUs increases to over 70, which entails more time-consuming and complex work, the price can jump to $280 per container. As you can see, complexity drives up the cost of these services.

Weight also plays a role in determining the cost of unloading. For cases weighing more than 29 lbs, there is typically a minimum charge of at least $200, as unloading heavier items is a slower and more labor-intensive process. In some cases, lumpers may need to work in teams to handle and palletize these heavier cases.

Additionally, the availability of powered material handling equipment, such as forklifts or electric pallet jacks, affects the cost. If manual equipment like hand pallet trucks is used, an extra surcharge of at least $30 per container may be added.


Complexities of Unloading Large Shipments

Unloading a container with thousands of small cases adds another layer of complexity. When dealing with a shipment of 1000 cases in a 40-foot container, the price may remain at $130 (as mentioned earlier). However, if you have over 8,000 cases in the same shipping container, the cost can triple due to the increased complexity of the unloading and palletizing process.


Note: The prices given above are hypothetical only. The cost can vary depending on the service.


Who Utilizes Freight Unloading Services?

Freight unloading services are widely used by various businesses across the United States. EXE Logistics Solutions caters to a diverse range of customers, including the largest grocery companies, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and distribution companies.


Location Matters for Lumper Services

The location of your warehouse can impact the availability and pricing of lumper services. If your warehouse is situated close to existing operations, like those in the Flowery Branch areas where EXE Logistics Solutions operates, it’s convenient for the company to send a crew to unload containers. However, if your location is farther from metropolitan areas, lower work volume or longer travel distances can result in higher prices.


EXE Logistics Solutions: Your Trusted Container Unloading Partner

EXE Logistics Solutions is headquartered in the Flowery Branch. This strategic location allows us to efficiently serve our current customers while integrating new work volume into our existing operations. If you need freight unloading or warehouse labor, we can still assist, depending on the scale of your requirements and proximity to our other operations



Choosing a reliable lumper service like EXE Logistics Solutions can significantly enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your container unloading operations. We have the experience, expertise, and strategic location to meet your specific needs and ensure that your supply chain remains seamless and cost-efficient. Don’t let the complexities of freight unloading slow you down – partner with us for streamlined and reliable services.