Container Unloading Services

Container Unloading Benefits

Lower Labor Costs

Using EXE Logistics Container Unloading services means you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes and other high costs of labor.

No Staffing Headaches

Because EXE provides the Contanier Unloading staff, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your inventory will be unloaded in a timely manner.

Reduced Insurance Costs

You’ll spend less on General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Health Insurance since EXE’s staff handles the unloading.

Quicker Into Inventory

Container Unloading services bring you the benefit of getting your inventory unloaded faster and that means it’s ready to sell quicker.


All EXE staff is tranined not only to efficiently unload containers but they are also trained on how to do it safely.

Increased Focus

Using EXE’s Container Unloading services means that you spend your time focused on developing your business and making sales.

Container Unloading Services FAQs

What is Container Unloading?

Very simply, it’s the act of unloading a shipping container filled with either pallets or cases of goods.

What equipment is necessary for container unloading?

It depends on whether the container is loaded with palletized goods or with goods in individual cases. It also depends on the wieght of each pallet or case of goods. Tyipcally at a minimum, you’ll need an electric pallet jack and possibly a fork lift.

Is it ok if we have lots of small cases to be unloaded?

Absolutely, EXE can unload any goods from your shipping containers, from containers filled with pallets to containers that have thousands of small packages.

How much profit are you losing?

Quickly find out how much profit you are losing by not working with EXE Logistics. Our average customer adds 15 – 35 % to their bottom line.