Case/ Pallet Picking Services

Case/ Pallet Picking Benefits

Lower Labor Costs

Using our case/pallet picking services you’ll avoid the costs of employees and the associated payroll and bookkeeping costs.

Reduced Operating Costs

Order fulfillment will be faster and more efficient resulting in reduced operating costs.

Quicker Delivery

Because of our strategically managed case/pallet picking system, your customers order will be shipped sooner and delivered quicker.

Case/Pallet Picking Services FAQs

What is Case Picking?

Case picking involves picking products in full case or carton quantities. This can be from a variety of storage locations. When picking in cases, the pickers are usually picking to a pallet, cart, or conveyor.

What is pallet picking?

Pallet picking is when an entire pallet of product is picked and then sent to the packing area.

How much profit are you losing?

Quickly find out how much profit you are losing by not working with EXE Logistics. Our average customer adds 15 – 35 % to their bottom line.